Posted January 31, 2022
  • | Clinical Effectiveness

A Patient’s Voice

Why Patient Recognition is Really the Key to Patient Satisfaction

Empowering patients to become more active in their own care plans has dramatically changed the trajectory of the patient-caregiver relationship.

27 Years. It’s been 27 years since National Patient Recognition Week was founded by a healthcare worker who recognized the patient as the single most important piece in the healthcare puzzle. And he was right. Empowering patients to become more active in their own care plans has dramatically changed the trajectory of the patient/caregiver relationship. Respect begets respect. And patients who feel acknowledged are more inclined to be part of the solution. While it may seem obvious to put the patient in the center, it wasn’t always the case.

Early medicine placed the emphasis on the physicians. Patients were expected to listen to their doctors and abide by the decisions made on their behalf without question. After all, the doctors were trained professionals. While that of course is still true, the 21st century patient has a voice. A powerful voice. And since the medical experience is as vast and varied as the patient population itself, listening to that voice is important. Especially when patient satisfaction has become a key indicator of healthcare quality.

As the notion of Health Equity — when every individual has the opportunity to reach their full health potential regardless of social position — becomes the gold standard, patient recognition just makes good sense. And, it doesn’t have to be complicated, particularly when clinicians are running on empty. A simple knock on the door before entering the room may be all that’s needed. Good communication is always the best course of action, regardless of the industry. And within the hospital, patients just want to be heard.  

While the method may differ depending on the facility, the caregiver and the patient, the overarching sentiment is simply to put the patient first. Today, the first week in February commemorates the patient, reflects on the influence patients can have on positive outcomes and allows healthcare workers to reconnect and recommit to those they serve. Join us February 1-7 as we honor and recognize the patient. For further information on EHOB’s efforts to improve and enhance the patient journey, click here