What happens when the skin fails during Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome? This paper describes the progression of MODS, its relationship to skin failure and includes a relevant case study.

The FootHold with Splint is a dynamic ankle-foot orthosis designed to keep the ankle in a neutral position to prevent ankle contractures, aid in ambulation of patients with foot drop, and help prevent heel pressure injuries. This video outlines instructions for use.

This informational sheet can be shared with patients and caregivers to educate them about how the TruVue Heel Protector helps reduce the risk of pressure injuries and improves comfort when lying in bed.

Trust that the TruVue Heel Protector performs on its promise to deliver superior patient protection because our clinical evidence proves it. Learn more about its features and benefits.

The TruVue Heel Protector has a unique open foot gate that allows for additional airflow to keep patients cool, dry and comfortable. Learn how this feature benefits patients and clinicians.

EHOB Heel Protectors are your first line of defense for pressure injury prevention. Meeting the individual needs of patients, we offer a range of solutions in various sizes to allow for a custom build around the patient’s foot and ankle.

Designed by clinicians, for clinicians with the patient top of mind. The TruVue Heel Protector better meets the individual needs of patients with the ability to build around the foot and ankle. Learn more about its features and benefits.

Learn more about the benefits of using a pressure redistribution cushion, like the WAFFLE Cushion, to help prevent pressure injuries in high-risk patients.

Pressure mapping provides clinicians with quantifiable data to ensure optimal pressure redistribution when selecting support surfaces for pressure injury prevention. Learn more about how it works, and see how the WAFFLE Overlay performs in a pressure mapping test.

On this episode we sit down with Holly Kirkland-Kyhn, Director of Wound Care at UC Davis Medical Center, to discuss pressure injury prevention and awareness in the emergency department.