Posted April 15, 2022
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How Do We Love Thee? Let Us Count the Ways

Recognizing and Celebrating the Contributions of the WOC Nurse

Picking the top ten reasons why we love nurses was tough, but we gave it the old college try!

For the most part, it’s widely known that doctors have specialties. But how about nurses? To the layperson, all nurses provide patient care. Period. This, of course, is true — but there is a little more going on behind the scenes. Nurses specialize too!  And, as we round out April, we’d like to give a shoutout to the nurses who are near and dear to our hearts: WOC Nurses! Picking the top ten reasons why we love these individuals was tough, but we gave it the old college try!

Nursing is less a job than it is calling, and the level of DEDICATION exhibited is astounding. And with wound care, time is of the essence. Waiting, even for a short period, can pave the way for pressure injuries to form. PERSISTENCE may not always be well-received, but the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and the patients reap the benefits. Thank you for your TENACITY in keeping skin care front and center!

Navigating through a global pandemic was collectively difficult for the healthcare industry. Navigating through a global pandemic while trying to prevent skin damage was almost insurmountable. It took solid ENDURANCE to keep patients protected and pressure injuries at bay. And with such a large population of individuals placed in the prone position, it also took a little INGENUITY to find the right product for each patient. Thank you for never losing your VOICES amid so much noise.

Nursing challenges, particularly in the last few years, were plentiful, but one really stood out in the crowd — staffing shortages. There are just not enough of you to go around. Whether you liked it or not, out of necessity you took on yet another task, that of EDUCATOR. Effective wound care and skin protection is certainly a learned skill, and who better to teach than Skin CHAMPIONS? But you weren’t given the time or luxury of a classroom. The training you provided was on the job and immediate. Thank you for being there to ADVOCATE for your patients, particularly those who didn’t realize the magnitude of your role.

And finally, thank you for your PRESENCE, full plates and all. Showing up even at the best of times isn’t always easy, but here you are. As we round out April, we give a loud and sincere shoutout to all of you from all of us at EHOB! Happy WOC Nurse’s Week!