Meet the Leadership Team

Taking Pride in Taking Care

At EHOB, we help clinicians provide exemplary patient care. Our leaders are committed to creating an environment where each team member can contribute to this mission.

Our focus on people is what empowers us to continuously deliver innovative, cost-effective, clinically-proven solutions for our partners in prevention.


James G. Spahn, M.D.

Chairman of the Board
“EHOB Inc. was founded over 30 years ago with a vision to provide quality and cost-effective products in the pressure injury prevention industry. As a market leader in pressure injury solutions, we are committed to developing clinically-proven solutions that allow healthcare teams to deliver optimal patient care and drive better patient and facility outcomes.”

Scott Rogers

Chief Executive Officer
“We are a privately held company and operate our business with the utmost respect and care for our employees as if they were family. We pride ourselves on providing a safe, fun and comfortable work environment for all. We are all customer-focused and deliver superior value to those we serve while maintaining the highest level of integrity.”

Brian Conway


“EHOB Inc. has grown from a regional supplier to an internationally recognized leader with its family of products. I am proud to say that we have grown because of the attention to consistent superior product quality, organizational support and patient results that satisfy the most cost-conscious buyer. We recognize that these goals, as well as our growth, are directly dependent on individual productivity and teamwork through all levels of our business.”


James Bui

Chief Operating Officer

“EHOB products have become necessities for the infirmed worldwide. From our founder, Dr. James Spahn in 1985, to the production associate who makes our product today, EHOB is focused on the patient. Dr. Spahn’s original vision was to educate caregivers and to make a product based in science that was affordable without depending on insurance or Medicare.  To this day, our focus is to still take care of the patient with effective, science-based solutions while making the caregiver’s job easier.”