Posted January 18, 2021
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Making the Most of 2022

Self-care isn’t just advised, it’s paramount. You can’t take care of your patients if you are running on empty.

Breathe – According to Harvard Medical School, deep breathing helps calm the stress response by boosting relaxation. Stress can contribute to depression and anxiety, but it can also throw a curveball at the immune system. And if we’ve learned anything from last few years it’s the importance of a strong immune system.

Listen – Active listening is the catalyst for good patient-clinician relations. According to the Institute for Healthcare Communication (IHC), strong connections between health care providers and patients can boost preventive health behaviors.

Be Heard – Speaking up promotes confidence and lessens the chance for communication errors. Your views are important for you and your patients…voice them!

Learn – The healthcare industry is ever-changing and staying current is important. Critical thinking is just that, critical. And learning doesn’t end withthe degree. Learning is a lifelong commitment.

Educate – Give the gift of knowledge. 2020 & 2021 have provided many teaching moments and it’s up to you to pass them on. Best practices are only effective if they are shared.

Lead – Without strong leaders, the chances of achieving the desired goals are slim. And in healthcare, the stakes are high when the patient’s lives are on the line. 2022 is your time to stand up and stand out!

Advocate – Providing good patient care is the goal of most clinicians but, giving patients a voice is a true gift. Speaking out on their behalf can be the turning point in the patient experience.

Innovate – Because life doesn’t always play by the rules, sometimes you just have to improvise. Riding the 2020 rollercoaster proved how important it was to adapt to any situation. Fast!

Self-Care – A survey conducted by Mental Health America found that amidst COVID-ravaged workplace, 93% of healthcare workers were experiencing stress, 86% anxiety, 77% frustration, 76% exhaustion, and 75% were just, plain overwhelmed. Self-care isn’t just advised, it’s paramount. You can’t take care of your patients if you are running on empty.

Indulge – As 2021 comes to an end, the one overarching lesson learned is that life is fleeting. So, stop and smell the roses, take a load off and eat the doughnut! Enjoy the small things that life has to offer.