Posted May 7, 2020
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May is National Nurses Month!

Not only is this the Year of the Nurse, but May is also an entire month dedicated to honoring nurses, EMS, and critical care practitioners for all they do. Their selfless service to their patients and community is deeply appreciated, and there are tons of ways to show them how much they’re valued!

Turn Your ICU Blue 

It’s National Critical Care Awareness and Recognition Month, and ICU’s around the country are turning blue to celebrate. From balloons to clothing to treats, going blue will show critical care nurses and staff that we see them and their important work. Highlight individual ICU workers this month on your social media channels and tag them #BlueICU! 

Say Thanks to Nurses

Know a nurse? Gratitude goes a long way, especially during times when they’re working harder than ever. Send a note, write a message, or drop off a gift (coffee is always a big hit!) to express your thanks. Without their expertise and care, our communities wouldn’t be as strong. 

Highlight Hospitals and EMS Personnel

Dedicated weeks have been set aside to shine a light on hospital personnel and EMS practitioners, who are all very deserving of our thanks. Celebrating these frontline workers is a great way to pay it forward for their efforts to ensure the health of our communities. Provide tokens of appreciation in the form of cards or goody bags, or have breakfast or lunch delivered during a shift. 

May is filled with opportunities to show our appreciation, so let’s take as many as we can!