Posted February 8, 2021
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When the Patient Experience Becomes a Journey

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Quality counts when your health is at stake.

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Patients are no longer compelled to remain with just one doctor or hospital. They have choices. And, a lot goes into that choice. The information age has paved the way for everyone to be informed consumers. And quality counts when your health is at stake. The patient journey doesn’t start with the sliding of the ED doors. It starts in living rooms and kitchens across the country. 77% of patients conduct online searches before making an appointment with a physician. Online reviews and patient satisfaction scores could be the deciding factor and managing the digital landscape is paramount. Promising a good patient experience isn’t enough. Facilities have to perform. So, what are hospitals doing to secure a good report card?

Mapping the Route

Facilities are putting time and resources into Patient Journey Mapping. A patient journey map is a visual diagram of the patient process outlining initial goals, treatment plans, and desired outcomes. It’s patient-centric. Maps look at how the process is working, but also red-flag potential breakdowns in communication. Journey maps are the hospital’s checks and balances to ensure the continuum of care is seamless and improvement is ongoing. With 47% of patients willing to look outside of their networks based on reviews, identifying what influences these potential customers is critical for a facility’s survival.

Paving the Way

The patient experience may start with knowledge and good communication but it’s bigger than that. A successful journey also involves things like patient wait times, conveniences, the aptitude of the staff, and clinically effective products. It’s a collaboration of efforts that pull together a successful patient journey. And, facilities need to align with trusted partners. Healthcare is competitive and hospitals are under a lot of pressure to win. Vendors that can help ease a little of that pressure are indispensable. Contact our experts for more details on how our strategic partnership and proven products can help strengthen and enhance the patient’s journey.